Need to know: Binary Options Robots


The binary option robot is software for trading automatically. It places trades for you in your trading account. You may have limited control on the combinations of trading styles and signals. This is a more advanced auto system, since it combines signal with an auto-trader.

This is somewhat new on the market, since it became famous in 2014. Programmers working with expert traders develop these trading algorithms. Depending on your needs the cost may vary. For retail robots the cost is around $79, while for a custom tailored algorithm you may need to pay as much as $3999. However, there is a possibility of getting the same quality and using the robot for free. The way you can do this is by opening a trading account, which costs $200 with a verified broker.

binary options robot service for trades is not comparable to copy trading. Copy trading uses a link to place trades into your trading account. On the other hand, binary options robot with the signal service provider automatically places trades into their trading accounts. And the way to get it to work is to open your binary account and log into the robot at the same time. Then the robot detects compatible binary options trading platforms and takes control. The robot will pick up signals that are generated by the service, after which the information will be inserted. That information includes asset, direction, amount and expiration. After the input of the information, the robot will set your trade.

You need to download The Binary Options robot onto your computer. The good news is that you don’t need to know much about binary trading. The main targets for this software are new inexperienced traders. Furthermore, installing and operating the robot will not affect your computer usability. The robot runs in the background, which gives you freedom to use your machine as you need. A very useful feature is the fact that the robot has is account compatibility. In other words, the robot is able to be utilized with other platforms.

Binary-TradingOnce you have created a trading account and installed and opened the robot, you need to push on auto trade. After analyzing the market and calculating the values, the robot will produce a signal and place it into your account. Five different indicators are used to obtain signals, and you are free to choose as many as you like. In case you opt for more than one, they will each need to indicate a purchase at the same time, if you are to execute the trade.

Three different styles of trading can be used with the binary options robot. The first is the Classic. It offers simple trading, and the same amount is used for every trade. The second style is Martingale, which increases the size of the trade after every loss. In that way, after only one win it brings you back what you lost, along with some profit. Even though it is popular with gamblers, it can clean your account very quickly. The third option is Fibonacci style. This style is a combination of the previous two. Even though it increases the trade amount with a loss, the amount is decreased when a win is based on Fibonacci ratios.

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